July 16, 2018
Contact: Cecile Sarruf


A disabled Yemeni girl who had been denied entry into the US as a result of US travel ban arrived in New York for resettlement after a reversal by the government.  Shaima al-Omari, 11, whose case was questioned by Supreme Court justices reviewing the Trump administration's travel ban, arrived with her family in the US on Saturday, her father Najeeb al-Omari

After denying her application in January, the US embassy in Djibouti changed course and issued visas on Wednesday allowing al-Omari - a US citizen who has been trying to get visas for his wife and three girls for years - and his family to migrate to the United States.  Shaima, who was born with cerebral palsy, suffers severe mental and physical disabilities, according to her family, who say the war in Yemen compounded her suffering as medicine and healthcare services became increasingly scarce in the city of Ibb, where the family resided.  "I'm glad the US embassy eventually reconsidered our case and granted us our rights," al-Omari said by telephone before boarding his flight from Djibouti to New York.


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