Zawiya Perspective provides a third-space for an OPEN, HEALTHY and Sustainable
actualization of Islam. Making Islam meaningful part in our lives and part of the 
American Narrative!


We aspire that people live a JOYFUL and MEANINGFUL life. This is accomplished thru providing relevant programing that is intellectually and spiritually stimulating. We provide a space for SOCIALIZATION, personal mentoring, and healthy COMPANIONSHIP for a sustainable actualization of Islam.


We acknowledge that the process of re-engaging faith is unique and should be individually tailored. Zawiya Perspective is a THIRD-SPACE that does not require religiosity yet remains sacred. The space hosts various activities that train and motivate positivity among members enabling people to ELEVATE and easing the process of engagement. Reviving hope.


We are committed to helping people maintain lifelong EMPOWERMENT by continuously providing the highest level of intellectual and spiritual activities.  Helping to facilitate a sustainable life filled with a sense of belonging.

  • Featured event

    Living Essentials

    Zawiya Perspective provides a third-space for a OPEN, HEALTHY, and SUSTAINABLE actualization of spirituality. Making spirituality meaningful in our daily lives and part of the American Narrative. During our "Living Essentials Class" we cover the process of purification.  Practical techniques and steps to the inclucate a deep sense of spirituality.  Borrowing from traditional text, we contextualize the methods used for moderns understands.  Helping re-engage our perspective and bringing mindfulness. Enjoy a meal and tea with us!  A fun and social environment for all people.  Dinner is provided.

    Discuss | Socialize | Meditate  
    Sip the Tea! Smell the Oud! 

    January 08, 2015 at 7:30pm
    Zawiya Perspective
    1800 E Garry Ave
    Suite 101
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    United States
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