Address: 1800 East Garry Ave Suite 101
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 949-394-6090


About Zawiya Perspective

Zawiya Perspective provides the third space for a healthy, open and sustainable actualization of Islam. Making Islam meaningful in our lives and part of American narrative.

Zawiya Perspective started out as a response to a need. A need that is greatly needed in our community. As members of our society graduate from higher education, their identities are being challenged in many ways.

Borrowing from traditional thought in a modern setting, we provide an open space for the highest level of cohesive discourse along with spiritual activities that can help people actualize a new perspective in life.

We also help ease the process of conversion for the growing numbers of new converts and members wanting to re-engage in Islam who are looking for practical Islam that they can relate to. In order to balance our faith along with our American identity, Zawiya Perspective helps facilitate this process in a way that is sustainable and healthy.

As we see how spaces influence our sense of behavior and attitude, we are trying to inculcate a deep sense of belonging. By creating a simple yet sacred space, combined with creative and traditional wall stencils.

We help attendees reflect on life's most important aspects. A simple yet powerful place with enough appeal for general public. We provide a space that is meaningful yet still maintaining a sense of openness for growth.

We hope to inspire believers to actualize and see Islam in a meaningful way. Allowing them to Acknowledge and commit themselves to living a healthier life they are hoping for.

We recognize that people are at different stages in life, so we have tailored relevant programming to suit people who are trying to live a better live.


Zawiya Perspective is a Non-Profit Organization. All donations are tax deductible.

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sidi Muhammad Jamal | Chairman
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Abdullah Haroon | Founding Director
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Syed Ahamed Ali | In-House Counsel
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS John Nazarian | Certified Companion
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bushra Khan | Secretary
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Murabit Benavidez | Director
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sammy Sam | Marketing Director
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS Yahya Rhodus | Honorary Advisor

Current Events

Event are held at Zawiya on a weekly and monthly sequences.

  • Thursday
    "Living Essentials" || More Info

    Sip the TEA! & Smell the OUD! Starting at 7:30 PM.

  • Last Saturday of the Month
    Understanding His Character || More Info

    Walking and Living with guidance


  • 2nd Monday on the Month
    Primal Music & Drumming || More Info

    Drumming, Singing and Poetry. Drumafied!

  • Every Day
    24 Hours
    Sacred Social Gatherings || More Info

    Members are available every day for companionship, guidance and assistance.


  • Living Essentials || Less Info

    Zawiya Perspective provides a space for a healthy, open and sustainable actualization of Islam through relevant content and environment.

    Helping re-engage our perspective and bringing mindfulness. Discuss | Socialize | Meditate

  • Understanding his Character || Less Info

    The prophets are described as one with excalted character. True happiness can be found in inclucating highest levels of ehtics and behaviors based on all the beloveds of God.

    Dedicated to empowering our lives, with leadership, self-love, community and self-awareness.

  • Primal Music & Drumming || Less Info

    If we are to honor our identity as Muslims living in America, then itis a necessary starting point in learning about the tremendous power of music. But if we are to shift regional paradigms, if we are to have an affect on the people that we live with, our friends, our families, our neighbors, and our coworkers, then we need to recognize the limitations of importing culture over revolutionizing it. Learn local songs and start playing the drumms (Def).

  • Sacred Social Space || Less Info

    Zawiya Perspective maintains a semi-sacred environment for people to gather and share ideas, inspiring individuality and community life.

    We also aim to facilitate and broaden creative interaction. Come Hang out and makes new freinds or just be in chilled gathering


Pictures of our community members socailizing and having fun while enlightening themselves with knowledge. These are some of our successful members who came in looking for campanionship and found life long friendship.


A continuum video series, that present many devleopments, Perspectives, Achievements or any issue's in the community

  • Videos Zawiya Perspective Trailer

    A sneak peek of our "Living Essentials" program that occurs every thursday. We aspire people to live a better life that is socially condusive and spiritually enhancing! Sip the Tea! Smell the OUD!

  • Videos Getting to Know Zawiya Perspective

    Short commercial that describes what the center hopes it can do for the community. What are some of its objectives and how it can better our life, mentally, spirituality, and intellectual.

  • Videos An Intimate Conversation with Daniel Amin

    This is the intimate story of 25 year old brother Daniel Amin. Brother Amin is a convert to Islam. Listen to his journey as he describes hearth warming events that had shaped his life. He will inspire you in ways not easily achieved

  • Videos Close Up with Murabit Benavidez.

    Familiarize yourself as he describes why it is essential to have an alternative space in our communities and what are some of the historical contexts that can be used for our societies today.