Zawiya Perspective is a third-place/space designed to facilitate an OPEN, HEALTHY, and sustainable ACTUALIZATION of Islam. With you we build culture and community. We inform the American narrative as we bring meaning back into our lives.


We want to live a life filled with gratitude and meaning. Join us as we create and experience inspired programs that are intellectually, spiritually, and aesthetically stimulating. Who knew shifting consciousness could be so much fun?


We believe that the challenges of faith can be ameliorated through uplifting social engagement in a semi-sacred space where mutual respect is paramount.  Our companionship is intentional. Our connections are real.


This is not a one-sided conversation. Zawiya Perspective empowers you, demanding that you take charge of your life and your community. We provide the space, the environment but you have to bring the soul.

  • Featured event

    Living Essentials


       This event intents to make   spirituality meaningful in our daily lives and during the session we cover the process of purification. Practical techniques and steps to the inculcate a deep sense of spirituality.  Borrowing from traditional text, we contextualize the methods used for moderns understands.  Helping re-engage our perspective and bringing mindfulness. 

     We will be covering what it mean to "Keep Vigil during the fasting periods" in our daily life and perspective.  What is mean t o be a believer in a age where faith it self is being questioned.  Describes the symptoms of having a forgetful mind.  The heart is an organ designed to be in a state of remembrance of GOD.  It yearns always to remember GOD and when GOD is not remembered, the human hearts falls into a state of agitation and turmoil.   The discussion is facilitated by Abdullah Haroon

    #Socialize | #Discuss | #Meditate

    Sip the Tea! Smell the Oud! 

    October 01, 2015 at 7:30pm
    Zawiya Perspective
    1800 E Garry Ave
    Suite 101
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    United States
    Google map and directions

  • Featured event

    Full Moon Hike Beaudry Loop Hike in Glendale!

    On Sunday September 27, The LA/OC area will be lucky enough to witness the final Super Moon of 2014 and a rare total lunar eclipse. In fact, the next time a complete lunar eclipse will be visible from SoCal will be in January 2018!!

    Please read the entire description. There is no designated leader for this event and every individual is responsible for their own health and safety. (ABOVE-AVERAGE FITNESS REQUIRED)
    This hike is not suitable for children under the age of 12 and adults without proper cardio exercise experience due to the length and elevation gain along the trail.

    Difficulty: Moderate-Advanced
    Type: Loop
    Distance: 5.8 Miles
    Elevation Gain: 1368 ft


    3110 Beaudry Terrace, Glendale, CA 91208 is the address of the house adjacent to the trail head. 
    Free street parking. 





    1. Water: At least 1 liter. Bring at least an additional liter of water and leave it in your car in case you are still thirsty when we return at the end of the hike.
    2. Food: This is NOT a potluck event. For those who would like to join, we will be going to dinner after we return to the cars.
    3. Headlamp/Small Flashlight: While this is a "full moon" hike, you will still need a light along certain parts of the trail during our return and when we are cleaning up after Maghreb 
    4. Sun Protection: You know your body so bring the appropriate shade or sunscreen that you anticipate needing.
    5. A Warm Layer: In case you feel chilly as the temperature falls. Again, you should know your own body's needs and plan accordingly.
    6. A backpack: To carry your water, headlamp, etc.

    September 27, 2015 at 5:30pm
    Beaudry Loop Hiking Trail - Glendale (North Road Loop)
    3110 Beaudry Ter
    Glendale, CA 91208
    United States
    Google map and directions

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