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Lyrical Nourishment

A Comparison of the Shari’ah and the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in International Business Transactions

Also found in: American Bar Association (ABA) International Law, Summer 2015, Vol. 44 No.3 

Ahamed A. Syed (ahamed786syed@gmail.com) is an attorney practicing in Los Angeles. He has previously lived in Saudi Arabia, India and Canada. His international background allows him to appreciate the different legal systems around the world. He is passionate about dispelling the myths around Islam and hopes to promote a greater understanding of the faith. 


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The importance of Tasawwuf in the world today?

As the anniversary of the September 11th attacks approach I thought it would be fitting to write about my understandings of Islamic Spirtuality  and Islam.  The countless examples of violence from Islamic extremism in the past decade, it has forced both Muslims and non-Muslims to deeply question what Islam is and what it teaches.   I think that this has actually created a positive benefit for those willing to deeply study the subject from people who truly understand the religion.  But more importantly it requires going beyond one's preconceived notions about Islam in order to find the truth.   I have decided to share this essay with my family and friends and in attempt to convey my understanding of Islam and Tassuwuf. 

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Providing Authentic Experience

Just like recreational spaces opens visitors' eyes into the beauties of cities we live in, Zawiya Perspective opened my eyes into the beauties in our community. It's a place where people can connect in a meaningful way with each other and with their own soul. Thank you Zawiya & Abdullah

The Psychological spin

 The psychological spin to the Theory regarding Terrorism or mass murderers


 The theory's application is universal and is meant to be used as a framework to capture a the big picture. The picture can be as simple or complex as the scientist wants it to be but what's important is that the facilitation of communication by different scientists which opens up a dialogue with the ambition of gaining new insight. The parentheses are used to explain the relationships between the micro, macro and global effects on the phenomenon trying to be articulated and how it's influence   can impact at any level on the organism. This example can be used using Beck's model of depression how it's composed of negative views of the   self, present, and future. The theory is it's rudimentary stages but I can use empirical evidence by using attachment theory, by using the psychoanalytic approach, and other scientific models. Please excuse my writing since that is one of my weaknesses but I hope I can get the point across. I would also love some feedback and guidance, also please don't let my religious beliefs overlook the content of the theory. I use it to add sentiment and flavor to the theory so it won't feel so mechanical. Thank you.  

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