June 23, 2020
Contact: Cecile Sarruf


I once looked past you, not knowing why. Now, I look to you with endearing eyes. You work hard at everything that you do, you planned out everything and simply do.  You keep others young but have you looked at you? Your beauty is ageless and timeless. Oh how I love you, that's all there need to be said despite the silence where we both despair. You look at me with fresh eyes but oh so little do I have to divulge. Oh so little to say but then again who are we again and where do we stand.  Just a couple of dreamers gazing at the sky and yet isn't space filled with silence but magnified by its sight. that's how I look to you my little beautiful mystery blank. Time passes and so will I but our love will grow as space expands. Forever my dear you are mine, you are indeed by far the most divine.

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