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    Al-Fatiha (The Opening)

    The quest for God is a journey, and every journey has a beginning. Before we venture into a new territory, we must pass through the entrance. The gateway has to be known, otherwise our excursion is not possible. Many try knocking on doors, but to their dismay discover that the doors are not opened. This is because they are at the wrong door. Approach through the right gateway, and it is then that you will truly enter a new realm.As the first chapter of the Quran, Al Fatiha is its gateway. It is the supplication for those on a quest for God while the rest of the Holy Book is the answer.  As the most oft-   repeated supplication of the Muslim daily prayers, Al Fatiha occupies an important place in the life of a believer. Yet, we remain largely ignorant of its true meaning and form a  mechanical and ceremonial attachment to this very important petition.  Conscious about not reciting the words merely in a parrot-like fashion, without having any intellectual    connection with the meaning behind the utterance, we must devote some time and thought to their study. Believers are to rehearse this petition during the five daily prayers, but do we know exactly what it is that we implore?  

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    May 28, 2020
    Contact: Bushra Khan-Haroon

    Where is our Hira’?

    We may not have dessert caves in abundance, but we don’t need them. Location is convenient, but not necessary. At home and in our own minds, there is space and there is time. We need to seek it, create it and use it. The seclusion we need is more than just that of relocating oneself; it is the I’tikaaf (spiritual retreat during the last ten days of Ramadan) of the soul that we require, not merely the physical.

    Our souls crave precisely that – to experience the discomfort of breaking away from those things which are constantly tempting our physical senses, to feel the strain of spiritual discipline, to demand a shifting of the paradigm through which we view the world.  These nights are a challenge, an opportunity, an invitation to migrate back to your lords gentle hands. As did prophets did before us.

    We often wonder why we are so overwhelmed by life; the environment is suffering, the virus is raging, morals are disappearing, people are dying by incomprehensible numbers – in body and soul. What have we done? What can we do? Usually, we shrug and turn back to our daily distractions before even beginning to answer these questions.

    Yet today… tonight… and every night of Ramadan after this, do something different. Isolate yourself from the pundits and celebrities convincing you to think about the shallow and the vapid, and instead go back to the ultimate source of wisdom, the only true answer to all our problems: the Magnificent Words of Allah, the Criterion, the Revelation, the Qur’an.

    This Ramadan, discover your own Hira’.

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    Cinemotion is part of Zawiya perspectives commitment to enhance community interaction with its fellow members.  We allow members to share stories that make up our collective life. Highlighting the needs to express and be heard.

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    The People

    Zawiya Perspective started out as a response to a need. A need that is greatly needed in our community. As members of our society graduate from higher education, their identities are being challenged in many ways.  People make up the community and every community is made up off vibrant members.  We have many of the most talented members, these individuals are making positive difference in all aspects.

    Board Members  

    Abdullah Haroon (Co-Founder)  

    Ahmed Syed Ali (In-House Counselor)

    Daniel Coleman (Certified Companion) 

    Bushra Khan (Co-Founder & Secretary)

    Jameela Bai (Mental Health Counselor)

    Ishraq Ali (Digital Strategist) 


    Abdullah Haroon:  Found himself in a paradigm shift after moving to southern California from the bay area.  Having attended many of the class at Zaytuna College, wanted to experience the depth on knowledge again. Having studies many of the sciences of Islam under many teachers and scholars, his foremost teach being Skaykh Muhammed Al-Jamal the Imam of Masjid Al-Asqa in Jerusalem. Wrote and memorized many of this lesson while being with him over 18 years. He enjoys reading and having in-depth conversation about the profound accepts of life.  

    While completing his Master in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine founded Zawiya Perspective.  An initiative to bring back depth and knowledge into the lives of many seekers searching for meaning in life.  Currently is a software engineer developing next generation software for the motor cars industry.   He also coined the term Sip the Tea! Smell the Oud! 

    Facilitates weekly Living Essentials sessions & Telling Stories along with tea ceremonies and mentor-ship!

    Omid Safi: s an American Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University, where he is the Director of Duke Islamic Studies Center, and a columnist for On Being. Dr. Safi specializes in Islamic mysticism (Sufism), contemporary Islamic thought and medieval Islamic history. He has served on the board of the Pluralism project at Harvard University and is the co-chair of the steering committee for the Study of Islam and the Islamic Mysticism Group at the American Academy of Religion. Before joining Duke University, Dr. Safi was a professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

    Conduct quarterly the Telling Stories!

    Jameela Bai: Graduated from University of Michigan in Psychotherapy and is a accomplishment psychotherapist who has clients world-wide.  She travels the world to help people become stable and more dedicated in life. A life long student of Shaykh Nazim of Crypus, she uses mediation as part of her healing process.  Born and raised in SoCal spends her time reflecting and contemplating about the purpose of life! 

    Conduct quarterly the Healing workshop!

    Nur Preston:  He grew up in a household where grace was said at the table and we always said our prayers before bedtime, but he was filled with the love and notion of God from the very beginning. At the ripe age of 18, Nur became terrifyingly aware of his finite existence and concluded, “there must be something more to all of this [life]”. The following year, after studying any and all religious traditions he could find, Nur converted to Islam (in 2005) and began a process of studying traditional prophetic healing and counseling. He conduct his formal sturdies at Masters in Christian Thelogy getting his masters degree in Biblical Studies!

    Conduct Healing and Counseling!

    Madison Dunaetz:   He was born in El Segundo, California. She is pursuing Studies Intercultural Studies at Biola Univeristy.  She has traveled extensively thru out the world and particular the Middle East regions working with refugees   Her interest is in the Palestinian people who are striving hard to live a dignified existence.  Recently married and plans to move to Middle East in the near future. Her interest are Jesus(AS) and her passport.

    Conduct quarterly the Lyrical Nourishment!

    Ateeq Amr: A native arabic speaker who learn Classical Fusha from Jordan and with many of his teachers in Amman. Ateeq has developed a unique curriculum of Arabic to English transilteration. Ateeq has worked as a Arabic content developer for educational sector and continues to develop Arabic content. He is excellent in tajweed and grammar with emphasis on balagha Eloquence and pronunciation. Come and experience Arabic in its true form.  Dedicated to the purse of knowledge, he consistently reads and contemplates about relative issue facing the world.   

    Facilitates weekly Arabic Intensive classes!


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    Thoughts from the Zawiya

    Wish to see PEACE!
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Abdullah has over 10 years of experience in Data and Machine Learning focusing on writing sophisticated algorithms for the tech world. Abdullah who is also a coffee and perfume enthusiast, had always seen a need for a semi sacred space in our community an


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