Abrahams Table

Imagine hosting a iftar dinner for a group of people you have never met before. Now, imagine that group is Christian. And there are nearly 30 of them.  That is exactly what happened on June 25, when Zawiya Perspective hosted a Ramadan iftar dinner in partnership with "2 Faiths, 1 Friendship" (2F1F).  We came together to build a better today in order to see a better tomorrow.   Zawiya generously opened its doors to our Christian brothers and sisters for mingling, spiritually enriching conversation, and, of course, delicious food! We sang traditional Hyms, played the OUD and Sipped the Tea! The evening began with an ice breaker activity pairing up a Muslim and a Christian with a fun life question to explore together. Every pair was engaged in animated dialogue, some laughter, and even some tears as journeys and life experiences were swapped.

Afterwards, the pairs came together to share highlights from their conversations with the entire group, moderated by Pastor Abraham Meulenberg who has been a great interfaith mentor. At long last, the sun set and the call to prayer was given, casting a reverent hush in the overflowing room. After observing Maghrib prayer, our Christian friends (no longer strangers at this point) were invited to join the buffet line for mouth-watering kabob, chicken, rice, salad, and a variety of homemade side dishes. As the sky grew darker, the warmth of friendship and comraderie between the Muslims and Christians from inside Zawiya emanated throughout the space. New friends shared contact information, took selfies together, and felt grateful to have made a connection. 

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