Importance of Presence.


Don't you love it when you meet people who remind you of what's important to you? That's exactly what happened on the hike I was on yesterday. A conversation with a new friend brought my attention back the importance of Presence.

Meanwhile, another new friend who was clearly working on memorizing something caught my eye. I walked away from our later conversation reminded of my own intentions to return to formal Islamic studies too. Yeah, I took a break five years ago and the return is long overdue. Now, maybe I was a lil 'crazy' for hiking yesterday - considering that not even an hour or so before I had just finished moving my storage. But it was worth it. I woke up this morning expanded and inspired (beyond the soreness!) to make sure my living and priorities sync.

After converting over 19 years ago, a dua I made for a solid 1.5 years while I was alone in my (then) new faith community was for striving companions - people striving in a balanced way in their deen. I have been SO blessed in this regard, alhamduliLlah, and I'm pleased to begin making another set of friends in SoCal via Zawiya Perspective (personal page) & Zawiya Perspective (fan page).  And you know me - if I hear of cool projects and stories worth telling, then I will surely share the goodness inshaAllah...because we need to abide in the Good that's Always happening. 

It's soul food. 

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