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All praise and thanks are due to the Most High and lofty prayers be upon his beloved Prophets, Thier family, and Companions.  By the grace and mercy of Allah we was blessed with a brief encounter with one of his servants, whom he gave mercy and esoteric knowledge from Himself. Similar to Prophet Yusuf (AS), Darryl Wayne Roberts spent a long period of time in prison for a crime of which he was innocent. In fact it was exactly the same crime that he spent almost 19 years and most of his adult life in California’s criminal justice system. He was released in  2002/1423 when Ata was a senior in high school and spent four years in humble service to his dear mother. He was martyred on October 1st 2006, the 8th of Ramadan 1427 Ata senior year in college.


February 24, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Zawiya Perspective
1800 E Garry Ave
Suite 101
Santa Ana, CA 91606
United States
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Ata Nabawi · · 949-347-5034

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