How I wish to see you in peace For you to feel the tranquility of the motion as the water of the ocean hits your feet These tired eyes long to get a glimpse of you then quickly fall asleep And dream of you in a better place a better you a better me Tired of the way things have to be Why now in this place why you and me We have a purpose we have a need How I wish to see you free "The Holy" Free from the memories of previous years Where once God walked with us in peace And gave us the duty to maintain the garden in peace with perfect harmony

But the devil has fooled us What is the point of a sacrifice to God  In the holy land if we act like able and Cain Killing your brother and killing one another Where's the peace and glory in that? Perhaps the troubles we see at your holy site Are the macro problems we see in the world in a small scale Give me something to eat when I hunger Quench my thirst in a parched land Give me justice, the lovely eyes of my family not in tears because of oppression and scent of my jasmine in my wife's body not her long labored sweat. It used to be we fasted from water and drink  Let's us now fast from injustice lies and deceit Oppression suppression and hate That is the dream I foresee in Isreal/Palestine One tribe one nation restoring the garden pulling out all the weeds plowing the land and seeing sunflowers bloom to match the sunand the high status we have taken our land. Turn these thick tears into cheers and let us feats again at the table to bring our hearts together. Amen

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