The Whirlpool Effect

This Theory has a back story which I'll share with you if you ask.  Dedicated to the victims of Fukashima may Allah grant them paradise.  Also, to my beautiful Daughter Amelie Saree Manez and my family who have been very patient with me.  Lastly this work was edited by Engie Salama thank you for your support and edits. 

Note: the theory is still incomplete but I plan to make it into a thesis for graduate school under the school of Social Work in Cal State Long Beach please make Dua that I get in Inshallah. All input is greatly appreciate it and I plan to use it to help me polish the theory. 

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar Rahim: WE=((Z((X)+Y)) 

The Whirlpool Effect and the community and its functions. 

This theory is layered in its complexity through many different domains and expressions.  WE = Whirlpool Effect: picture a force driven from the outside, bringing in its energy to a focal point, the center. The force being driven to its center, thus providing an analogy of the prophets—be it Muhammad, Moses, or Jesus—as the blessed prophets in the center. These central figures of long-lasting religious traditions educate humanity of God’s message, and in turn were guided, inspired, driven, motivated, tried, and tested by Allah (SWT). The Whirlpool Effect is the totality of the event from which humanity can learn: the believer becomes awakened and given new ways to worship according to Allah's message and the prophets ability to convey that message through words and actions.

Z=The prophets. X=The target.  Y=The reason.

Finding X= R(reality)=f(X) in relation to Destiny

In this section the concepts become a little complicated: The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, did not know his destiny when he was chosen-- only that he has been chosen by God as His last, and final messenger. In this event, prophets are called to act, though the path may not elucidate how or when they must execute their holy task. A prophet strengthens himself through soul searching and complete dependence on God's knowledge and his mercy; he must be reliant on Allah, recognizing that He knows best-- for Allah SWT is the best of plotters the Almighty and Wise. All of his 99 attributes are discovered and rediscovered again and again by the prophets in their parables, as prophets are ready to act and fulfill Allah and his Angels commands. 

In this scenario the Reality or the full picture is not immediately apparant as one cohesive picture, but rather as dots that the prophet must connect himself until the full vision or part of the vision is realized.  Allah communicates to them in dreams, visions, or prayers, without fully fully revealing the whole picture since He alone is the knower of the Unseen. So R=f(x) is just like a function that is used when plotting a graph; our lives are connected by dots, but each dot may be revealed slowly. We may not get to fully appreciate the meaning of the events that occur until we have overcome them, and are in a position to reflect and draw a line connecting the points and derive meaning from our lives through reflection.

When Allah (SWT) chose a prophet Z, he then chooses a target X and gives a reason through Y explaining why he has chosen that target. Due to Allah's (SWT) Mercy and Compassion, He chooses a messenger to communicate and dialogue with a misguided people. Allah (SWT) uses the prophets’ words to create a conversation, he uses their wisdom to communicate and purify Allah's message, then leaves it to humanity to use our free will to implement the wisdom and warns us if we are led astray. 

For example, the prophet Moses, peace and blessings be upon him, was chosen and taken from the pinnacle of his power and youth, brought down and humbled to liberate the Jews.  In his life, Moses learned the true meaning of Allah's 99 attributes, and then is guided by Allah or an angel to act.  When Allah (SWT) chose him to speak advise the Pharaoh (variable X) against the injustice he was doing on the Jews (reason Y), the pieces come together to illustrate the Whirlpool Effect in the liberation of the Jews. At the center of the story is a prophet the consequences of the characters in the story, as we glean wisdom and understanding from the actions and reactions of the actors. Indeed, these are the stories in which the human race must learn from and be warned about.

The symbolism of the Whirlpool is important because we see this in God’s signs from the stories of the prophets and his creation.  In the Garden of Eden, one sees the beginning of Man with the prophet Adam p.b.u.h. and his wife, Eden, both of whom are subsequently expelled. In this situation, one sees a center point and congruence between the situation of mankind; those who obey God versus those, through their own actions, are driven towards the outside of God’s presence and guidance. This is how humanity becomes misguided. In order to combat this misguidance, a major pillar in Islam commands Muslims to pray to align oneself at a center—the qibla, or direction facing prayer-- and through prayer, strive to fully immerse oneself in God’s guidance. This is also seen through Muslims revolving around the Ka’ba during hajj (major pilgrimage) and umrah (minor pilgrimage), praying and supplicating around a center or focal 

WE=(z((X)+Y)) Reality=f(x)

The primary function of a mosque is to educate, inspire its members for activism, and ultimately create members who perform good deeds, seek justice and compete with each other to exceed one another in piety.  It is a central point for a community in which not only are resources accessible, but also provides a blanket of moral, ethical, and a higher conscious of their actions and behavior. It uses examples which are the target’s(X) of ideal behavior (the messengers, the prophet p.b.u.h and his companions who themselves weren't perfect but where striving in jihad,) and if we focus and aim in that direction we can only fall short of perfection in achieving Allah's command. Even if humanity is an inch closer to Allah, then we are better off then being a whole galaxy away from Him.  

In a khutbah, a sermon presented every Friday afternoon to a Muslim congregation, the community is presented with an issue that the community as a whole must work together to resolve. From that behavior, you get +Y; the community becomes the force where the message is to be carried out. The variable Z is the social realm outside the realities of being a Muslim. Outside the community and ourselves we have dawah, which educating others about Islam. Be they Christians, Catholic, Buddhist, or Jewish—or even Muslim— at its heart, dawah is meant to open dialogue or mirror examples of excellent character for others to emulate. Though this adds an element of pressure, the idea is for dawah to makes us stronger. The action forces us to reconsider our beliefs, our answers, and our tempers; we must recalibrate our moral compass to indicate where our faith and purpose lies, and reassure ourselves that we are on the right path. When this variables function in unison, we create a whirlpool effect in which our center as Muslims lies in Allah primarily, ourselves through prayer, the ummah (general Muslim community worldwide), and the mosque as our haven for opinions and results.  

Through out the week, a mosque can have other functions such as providing halaqat, or small study circles networking of people of all levels, led by a learned scholar of Islam. This environment can provide genuine reflections on beneficial deeds to improve, how to overcome struggles, stories of people of similar background reinforced through other people’s faith and within a framework of Islamic principles.

R=f(x) In this the target is the self where the community begins to connect the dots and form a reality or a full picture of the struggles facing the community. Again, each story provides a dot each individual may give, be it wisdom or useful information that benefits all the young, the old, reverts, etc.  In this endeavor, the community has and makes use of all of its members: the mother, the sister, brother, the doctor, the lawyer, the counseler, the student, the youth— all at the same time, and valuing each for their opinion. Thus, the community creates a whirlpool which is the totality of our experiences, and can use other mosques in search for lectures, or reach outside organizations for information and services, facilitate the growth of its youth and more. The target is to encompass the self, the community and the social realm. The Islamic Center of Irvine, and the University of California, Irvine Muslim Student Union (UCI MSU) exemplify the coherent ideal explained through this theory. 

General comments: I think you might want to explain the relationship between the variables a bit more; is Z multiplied by (X+Y)? Or does it only affect X? In terms of the structure, perhaps you may want to consider reorganizing by beginning with an explanation of the variables, and then apply it to the framework of community structures. I.e. how do HALAQAS demonstrate such and such variable? Or DAWAH? And so on. 

Ricardo’s response: The center point is the self X but for us to understand ourselves or our "reality" requires thinking and reflection and our ability to "connect" the dots. R=f(X) I use this as a separate function of the formula but part of X. I use my very limited knowledge of math to see the mind as a system of infinite thoughts but it is not until we reflect and make connections and solidify the interactivity that we can develop a full picture but it would just be a small spec in your life like a graduation. It is in a sense religiously tied in a sense that we will never really know why things happen at the moment until further down the line and you are in a certain point in your life where you are like wow so this is why God planned it all along. In this case it would be like say you taking a trip to spain just for fun and you ended up in a totally boring class you meet this guy in spain you guys get a long and twenty years later his working for your or your working for him whatever. X is the self R=f(x) is our reflections which Islam asks of us to do right. +y is your community and the feedback you get from them which either reaffirms your thinking or corrects it and Z in the outside world whatever is out of your inner circle but still affects you like an event of 9/11. It is all inter related but everyone is effected differently depending how the self interprets the information.  I want to add levels like how a whirlpool has depth but that is something i'de like to develop with help of people give it a 3d model.

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