We recognize that space influences our attitudes and sense of behavior. Our space has a blend of traditional and creative contemporary art, welcoming light and traditional fragrance.  We help attendees reflect on life's most important aspects. A simple yet powerful place with enough appeal for general public. We provide a space that is meaningful yet still maintaining a sense of openness for growth.

Borrowing from traditional thought in a modern setting, we provide an open space for the highest level of cohesive discourse along with spiritual activities that can help people actualize a new perspective in life.  We also help ease the process of conversion for the growing numbers of new converts and members wanting to re-engage in Islam who are looking for practical Islam that they can relate to. In order to balance our faith along with our American identity, Zawiya Perspective helps facilitate this process in a way that is sustainable and healthy.  

Visit us at
1800 East Garry Ave Suite 101
Santa Ana, CA 92705 

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