The Psychological spin

 The psychological spin to the Theory regarding Terrorism or mass murderers


 The theory's application is universal and is meant to be used as a framework to capture a the big picture. The picture can be as simple or complex as the scientist wants it to be but what's important is that the facilitation of communication by different scientists which opens up a dialogue with the ambition of gaining new insight. The parentheses are used to explain the relationships between the micro, macro and global effects on the phenomenon trying to be articulated and how it's influence   can impact at any level on the organism. This example can be used using Beck's model of depression how it's composed of negative views of the   self, present, and future. The theory is it's rudimentary stages but I can use empirical evidence by using attachment theory, by using the psychoanalytic approach, and other scientific models. Please excuse my writing since that is one of my weaknesses but I hope I can get the point across. I would also love some feedback and guidance, also please don't let my religious beliefs overlook the content of the theory. I use it to add sentiment and flavor to the theory so it won't feel so mechanical. Thank you.  

We=(Z((x)+y)) continued in naturalist field studies (Qualitative not Quantitative) and it's universal application.   February 27, 2014 at 8:40am     So, I got some insight how this can be related to our class using the   theory. Picture yourself being a scientific turtle you start with a   question or a hypothesis in your shell then you stick your head out and   explore looking for X, or data to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Then   after collecting data you go into your shell again with one idea or two   and try to connect the dots in your shell R=f(X). You then mediate or   analyze the data and repeat; each time you meditate or connect the dots   you form picture like a parabola in a graph.   You then stick your head out with new questions or adjust your hypothesis   and you look for Y or the reasoning for your data. After that you   generalize the data to form a claim in this case Z and your can repeat the   process all over again or another turtle. It is a three step formulation   WE=(Z((x)+Y)). The whirlpool effect is the totality of your research where   you have formed a center of focus and others can pick up the data and   continue the research. The imagery of the whirlpool is important because   you create a center, the waves or spirals radiates to other researchers   depending on how strong and valid and controversial your findings are.   Did this help you see the theory in its universal application this is   good science. Also the first turtle can come out of the shell when it's   finishes and basque in the sun with pride.How I got inspired is   religiously, which i'll share with you:     Philosophy 1 with my daughter what she taught me: so today we bought a   turtle and she named him turbo middle name David. I love the contrast of   the name. Turbo the potential in the turtle and David as in David and   Goliath. She then asked me a very Deep question: why does the turtle go   inside the shell? I answered her because its scared and it goes inside to   think and it is protected. And once it goes outside when it has meditated   on a question or trying to connect the dots it feels comfortable and it   comes out again. This is how God works! We get scared or have an idea my   thinking is organized chaos. God asks us to pray and seek help when we   feel vulnerable and he will answer when your ready and while your in the   shell or cave he is like always has been protecting you. And obviously I   thought of the prophet Muhammad pbuh and how the Qur'an was revealed to  him. What a great realization. Thank you Amelie for teaching me. Allahu   Akbar.     This is where the theory gets very complex and it's application is used   to describe a psychopathology. Although subject's can share common   variables the outcome might be different and I use the Ying and Yang to   describe the bi potentiality of both scenarios. I use the analogy of   sound waves to create a picture which is similar to how a sonar work's   that trying to create a picture of the bottom of the ocean by sending a   signal and it resonating back with a picture of the floor. Yes it's   complicated but I can use scientific data to prove it's validity.    

WE= (Z((X)+y))   February 23, 2014 at 9:52pm   Formula's and Definitions.   1. We=(z((x)+y))   Z= the subject   x=the target   Y=the reasons   2. R=f(x)   R= Reality: which is subjective but can be mapped such as parabolas in a   quadrant. In psychological terms these are schemas.   F= is a force which means its a way energy collected and feeds within   itself as the believe become stronger.     ((x)+Y) this is a bidirectional formula which feeds off each other   generating energy. Then Z the subject has created a medium of expression   and has different ways to express it. In this case like art ((X)+Y)) is   the medium or clay for the sculpture and Z is the sculpturer.     Finding X: God works like your radio station. You are looking for a signal   so you have control and can change the dial. by changing the dial the   possibilities are endless. But once you find it you turn up the volume you   amplify the sound. Then you take that energy and sing along to it, tap   your foot or your finger and if you are really moved maybe shed a tear or   carry that energy once that song is over. or you can stop and meditate on   that song or keep changing the dial until you find that connection again.   yes music was my religion at one point because it made me feel connected.   God wants us to feel connected.     Whirlpool Effect= it starts with a vacuum a center a bubble which or a   vacancy which radiates synergy. It starts with a center and then the force   pulls it and holds it together in the center. The imagery of it is   important because it can suck up good or bad energy. but when it happens   it can attract other centers which can float around what initiated but it   must first resonate with another cell, yes cells, or atoms I'm now talking   electrons. but that's not my field back to psychology.     The theory starts with two bubbles or centers which are trying to be   congruent. 0 the self 0 the environment. 0 the self / 0 the environment.   What you don't' want is this 00 because that means that you and your   environment do not fit and there's a lot of friction and tension so you   can do this 0/0 which are signs of depression or early signs of a   psychological pathology. The problem starts when you feel you lack   control and feel isolated. Or you can have some congruence, the middle   part in being like a van diagram. This means that the values of your   environment and your values are in some alignment which is a healthy   environment produces a healthy organism.

But what happens when this is not   the case. Emotions are encompassed in a spectrum. In one side you have   depression on the other Mania. what you need to find is your balance.   Mania or happiness or an excited state can have to expressions either to   create or to destroy. Ying and Yang. while in depression you can reflect   on your life and come out ok after or you can stay in that state   collecting all bad energy. On the manic state you can spread happiness   through good deeds and keep building up. But if you are angry you just   want to tear things up. What you are doing basically is building up   energy.     Although we share some variables or characteristic there is absolutely no   certainty of what the outcome might generate from this common traits. This   can be explained like this a mass murder: a loner, has experienced a   recent great loss, is antisocial, wet his bed as a child, had a traumatic   experience on and on. But a lot of people share these traits. One decides   to kill the other one writes a book and is now a millionaire. The   possibilities are endless but what we are trying to capture is a framework   but we will not get the full picture.     What happens with a serial killer is that there's a vacuum an emptiness in   themselves. Which make them feel helpless unsure of themselves the future   and the world or environment. This is because the environment has failed   to meet its expectations of himself and vice versa. Unfortunately this   people are in so much pain or in so much angry that they want to   retaliate. In this case the are tying to preserve their ego by proving a   point that they are worth it. So, the formula goes like this. Z the   subject chooses a target (X) and builds up on by his reasoning or Y. X is   the target a school a teacher a dog whatever. Then Y are the reasons   either because their in pain feel or feel unjustified because they made   fun of him made him feel ostracized from society etc. So What does the   subject want to do spread a message prove a point; he goes out and shoots.   The center of this action is fear and it spread out effecting other   organisms.   When this happens it spreads like a sound or a wave once it is picked up   it either creates fear or can invoke anger sadness etc. But what happens   when two organisms share a common background or variables it has attracted   a connection and you have a copycat effect. With each event increasing its   efficiency or planning etc. Same can be said about suicide. all I'm saying   is this people need help and they realize this too because in the end they   want to be shot down. They notice the exhibition atrocity. They are in   pain and they want to be stopped. But this is super rare thus its a   phenomenon.     What's important is to let this energy be released therapeutically through   art or any other form. Although they share common variables they must not   be ashamed to be heard. It is worst to keep those emotions inside and   ruminate and form your world view around that bad energy then to just talk   it out and gain some understanding. I'll Stop here because it is already   too long. ask me questions please since I'm still forming this theory.   Plus this theory has a story and it's related to my conversion to Islam. I   wrote this as a non believer and when I first read the Qur'an. WE or Allah   was everywhere so it resonated but not about the bad but the good of this   formula. This formula can also be used to explain terrorism which is a   facade of Jihad. Which I am totally against it's corruption. Jihad is a   struggle to understand your connection with God to achieve peace and how   to spread it healthy to other organisms and i do welcome other faiths. But   in Qur'an it says do good deeds and that's how you spread it no matter   what or who the person is you have to spread the love. Peace.

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