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  • Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 06:30 PM · $5.00 USD · 31 rsvps
    Zawiya Perspective in Santa Ana, CA

    The Content of Her Character

    This event is an investigation into a way of being that is expressed from a deep and
    collaborative inquiry into the modern feminine. The exploration includes an engagement
    with the meaning of the femininity in terms of how it shapes who we are, who we are
    being, and particularly how to be in service to humanity. It is a journey that straddles
    spirituality, feminism, transpersonal psychology and activism and challenges our personal
    views on how we advocate for justice. This is a discussion on what it mean to reclaim a role for femininity in the modern age. 

    But given a view of femininity—and by extension, womanhood—that is associated with gender roles.  What if femininity was understood as something more enduring and timeless—the simple quality of being a woman? Femininity means more than a role or an aesthetic; it’s not simply dressing the part, so to speak. It’s an essence, something inherent. Even now, we’re crafting new meanings of femininity and re configuring the roles that women can play in the modern world. And yet, as women, we seek to understand what that unique distinction means for us and how to embrace what we are. 

  • Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 06:30 PM · 22 rsvps
    Zawiya Perspective in Santa Ana, CA

    Living Essentials


      This event intents to make spirituality meaningful in our daily lives and during the session we cover the process of purification. Practical techniques and steps to the inculcate a deep sense of spirituality.  Borrowing from traditional text, we contextualize the methods used for moderns understands.  Helping re-engage our perspective and bringing mindfulness. 

     We will be covering what it mean to "Keep Vigil" in our daily life and perspective.  What is mean t o be a believer in a age where faith it self is being questioned.  Describes the symptoms of having a forgetful mind.  The heart is an organ designed to be in a state of remembrance of GOD.  It yearns always to remember GOD and when GOD is not remembered, the human hearts falls into a state of agitation and turmoil.   The discussion is facilitated by Abdullah Haroon

    #Socialize | #Discuss | #Meditate

    Sip the Tea! Smell the Oud! 

  • Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 07:30 PM · $5.00 USD · 68 rsvps
    Zawiya Perspective in Santa Ana, CA


    Lyrical Nourishment is a platform for poets, songs writers and artists that desire to express themselves in a meaningful way. Authentic expression has been nonexistent in our modern world; a world where humanity is at the apex of individualism. There is a great global shift taking place and the human family is beginning to realize the importance and the significance of spirituality in the arts. Poetry, one of the oldest art mediums- is a very effective way to reflect, express, and communicate globally.

    Interested in performing? Click here to sign up!

    Abdullah "ABD" has been hosting Lyrical Nourishment since its inception three years ago and is trying to build community thru the arts and spirituality. A performer in its now right, ABD loves to make people laugh and be inspired to reach their potential! He is an Data Scientist by trade and loves to research about technologies and new tech coming into the market.  VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xXIPmlsY4Y

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