Muslims will be fasting this YOUM KIPPUR on Wednesday and Thursday just like our Jewish Cousins. It's Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram. Islamic tradition holds that the Prophet Mohammed encountered Jews fasting on this day, who told him they were marking the Hebrews escape from Egypt, and he decided to join them.  While the Islamic tradition teaches the Exodus occurred on Yom Kippur (in Judaism, the day of atonement) Jews actually commemorate the Hebrews' escape from Egypt on Passover.  If you're wondering why Muslims would celebrate a Jewish holiday, that's because Prophet Muhammad (عليه السلام) saw themselves as part of a integrated faith community, that included all people in Medina ex Jews, Pagan, Christians and Atheist . His community restored monotheism to its original factory settings. Prophet Muhammad (عليه السلام) being from the blood of Abraham (عليه السلام),  saw himself as concluding the line of prophecy that went way back to Adam in the Garden of Eden and includes Noah and Abraham. Moses and Jesus (عليه السلام), too: Ashura also has another, grimmer meaning for Muslims: it marks the day the Prophet Mohammed's (عليه السلام) grandson was killed after a failed uprising against a corrupt ruler. A ruler who inherited the position rather than being appointed on the basic of merit.  For all, it's even worse: The family of the Prophet was denied its right to live, but this time by blood and sword. So this week is, for all Muslims and Jews, a day of deliverance and a day of sorrow, of freedom -- and tyranny.  

Forty years after, a king ruled in the guise of a Caliph, arrogating himself to powers Muslims judged pharaoh-like. (There's no greater Quranic symbol of tyranny than Moses' (عليه السلام) nemesis.) Rather than rule in a simple, egalitarian fashion, like his predecessors and the Prophet whose memory was still alive and well, Muawiya appointed his own son, Yazid, to succeed him on his death.  A pac he broke with Hussein older brother Hassan son of Ali.  Hussein, who saw his grandfather's legacy almost undone, journeyed to southern Iraq, where he'd meet up with his so called support to challenge Yazid's claim. In the end they betrayed him.  Hussein was David and Yazid's army was Goliath. There would, however, be no slingshot. No parting of the waters. On the same day Prophet Muahmmed (عليه السلام) asked Muslims to remember God's rescue of Musa (عليه السلام) from Pharaoh just like the abusing  army crushed the innocent family of the Prophet's grandson to  secured his dynasty for decades more. In a world obsessed with narratives of "us" and "them," of civilizations clashing and great blocs feuding, sorting us into mutually exclusive categories -- Islam or the West, the global South versus the global North -- this darker side of Ashura isn't just important. It's critical.

For us we welcome this month inshaAllah. That every month when it comes in, to enter into a shower, and say Oh-Creator all I can do is to wash away by example these sins with water. That let Your mercy, that the showers of Your real mercy to dress me and take away my sins and prepare me for the holiness of this holy month, That we step into that month with the right foot that moving towards our migration back to GOD. That I want to make a hijrah/Aliyah to the Divinely Presence of GOD, along with the nobles Noah, Abrahman, Musa, Isa and his mother Mariam, (عليه السلام) from this earthly plains all the way to the Heavens.

Hidden Station Of Souls) – ‘Isa (Jesus) (عليه السلام) Was Raised to Heaven on ‘Ashura

Prophet`Isa‘ Peace be upon him comes and teaches that, “I was raised on the day of Ashura. That every shayateen (devil) came to attack me and GOD raised me this day Divinely Ascension”. 

Means as the world came to crucify  ‘Isa (عليه السلام), GOD raised him to his spirit, to His Divinely Presence. That this temporal world coming to crucify you because they can’t take your haqq (truth), they can’t take your truthfulness, they can’t take your light. Then come into My Divinely Presence and nothing is going to crucify you.

There is an eternal message of Isa, as he reminds us GOD can take your soul and teach us to elevate itself into GOD Divinely Presence, the Heavenly Kingdom, because GOD ONENESS is the ultimate heavenly Kingdom. In which GOD grants lights upon our the soul in a place of deep darkness. 

Hussein Archetypes 

Forget the clash of civilizations its a clash of perspectives. The greater battles are between what we say we stand for and what we do actually do, between the values we proclaim and the realities we impose.Today, Syrians die by the thousands, attacked by a Ba'athist regime.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, have killed and tortured more than even ISIS has. Like ISIS, too, it happens in my religion's name. It's Yazid versus Yazid, though both pretend to be Hussain (عليه السلام), righteous warriors for justice.The great fault lines of our times aren't between religions and nationalities but within them. But before you read this as an excuse to pile on the Muslim world, remember that the same lessons apply to all peoples and places. Including our own.There's a Hussain in Edward Snowden, who brought our secrets to the light. There's a Hussain in Occupy Wall Street, asking us where our values of fairness and fair play have gone. There's a Hussain in #BlackLivesMatter, forcing us to face up to the racism we insist we've overcome. There's a Hussain in the Israeli youth who refuse to serve in an occupying regime. There's a Hussain in Palestinians who refuse to give up their rights. And all these Hussains? They might lose. They might never see the outcome of their struggles. Not here, at least. Some pharaohs meet the sea, while others pass away in their palaces, peacefully.  Like many Prophets Muhammed (عليه السلام)taught that those whose prayers are not answered in this life will be heard in the next. Justice might be postponed, but it will never be denied.

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